Brass Band (lighter music)

AMERICAN CARNIVAL by Stephen Roberts. A journey through the folk songs of the USA written for the ITV series The Real Brassed Off and recorded by the Desford Colliery Band. (8′.00) £50.00 full set.

American Carnival

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER by Stephen Foster Arr. S. Roberts for solo euphonium and lower band. (3′.30″) £35.00 full set

Beautiful Dreamer

BHANGRA DANCE by Stephen Roberts. No 1 of World Dances in Bollywood style. (3′.00) £40.00 full set – Also available as an easier version for youth band.

Bhangra Dance

CARRICKFERGUS by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts for solo Euphonium or Baritone. (4′.00) £40.00 full set. (also available with concert band or piano accompaniment.)


CATS CALLING! by Stephen Roberts. A suite of six lighthearted pieces for the young at heart. Copy Cat, Cat Nap, Cool Cat, Cat Burglar, Ballet Cat, Alley Cat. (13′.00) £65.00 full set. (Also available for 10 piece ensemble and as easy pieces for soloist and piano.)

Cats Calling! No. 3 Cool Cat

La CUMPARSITA by H. Rodriguez Arr. S. Roberts. The classic tango. (3′.00) Full set £40.00.

La Cumparsita

DOWN BY THE SALLEY GARDENS by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts. For Eb Horn solo with alternative solo part in Bb. (3′ 30″) Full set £40.00. (Also available with piano accompaniment.)

Extract from Down by the Salley Gardens

The solo part in Bb is very easy.

GAUDETE by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts. Upbeat version for full band. (2′.30″) Full set £40.00. Also available for concert band and ten-piece brass ensemble.


KEEL ROW FANTASY by Stephen Roberts. (4.’00”) £45.00 full set.

Keel Row Fantasy

The LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR by TRAD. Arr. Stephen Roberts. (5.’00”) Baritone or Euphonium solo, written for Katrina Marzella and the Black Dyke Band. £40.00 full set. Also available with piano accompaniment.

Extract from The Lark in the Clear Air

The LONDONDERRY AIR by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts. (3.30″) Full set £40.00.

Londonderry Air

MEDITATION ON BE THOU MY VISION by Stephen Roberts. Flugelhorn solo in “late night” style. (4.00″) Full set £40.00.

Be Thou My Vision

PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANY Attrib. Henry VIII Arr. Stephen Roberts.(3.00″) Full set £40.00.

Pastime With Good Company

SO SO SAMBA by Stephen Roberts for Brass Band. Full set £40.00. Also available for big band.

So So Samba

The TEDDY BEARS PICNIC by John Bratton Arr. Stephen Roberts. Eb Tuba solo. (3.30″) Full set £40.00.

Teddy Bears Picnic

TUBA COPPER by Stephen Roberts. Variations on Arthur Sullivan’s Policeman’s song for Eb or BBb Tuba and band. (4′.00) Full set £40.00. (Also available with piano accompaniment.)

Tuba Copper (here with piano accomp.)

UKRAINIAN DANCES by Stephen Roberts. Three traditional favourite Ukrainian dances, You Tricked Me, Why Didn’t You Come?, Wedding Song (10′.00) £60.00 full set.

1.You Tricked Me

2. Why Didn’t You Come?

3. Wedding Song

WALKING THE BASS by Stephen Roberts for solo Eb Tuba and band. (4′.00) Full set £40.00. (Also available with piano accompaniment.)

Walking the Bass

Walking the Bass complete

The WATER IS WIDE (O WALY WALY) by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts. Euphonium solo. Written for Pat Stuckemeyer and also recorded by Gary Curtin. (5.00″) Full set £40.00.

The Water is Wide

More works for brass band by Stephen Roberts can be found at Difem.