Brass & Piano

BOULEVARDS by Stephen Roberts for any Bb Brass and Piano. £10.00. A waltz in Parisian style.


CARRRICKFERGUS by Trad. Arr. Stephen Roberts. Version for solo Euphonium/baritone/trombone (treble and bass clef) and Piano. £10.00. (Also available for horn in Eb or F)


CATS CALLING! by Stephen Roberts. A suite of seven easy pieces for any Bb brass and piano. Copy Cat, Cat Nap, Cool Cat, Cat Burglar, Ballet Cat, Alley Cat. A version for Eb/F is also available. £15.00.

DOWN BY THE SALLEY GARDENS Trad. Arr. S. Roberts for Eb or F horn & piano. £10.00

The LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR by Trad. Arr. S. Roberts. For solo Baritone or Euphonium with extra part for Horn in F. £10.00.

The Lark in the Clear Air

SHAKER VARIATIONS by Stephen Roberts for solo Euphonium & Piano. Traditional style air varie of Simple Gifts. £12.00.

Shaker Variations

SICILIENNE for Bb solo & piano with obbligato Bb Von Paradis/ S. Roberts £10.00 Versions for Bb brass or Eb/F brass

THREE DANCES FOR EUPHONIUM & PIANO (Toreadors, Sarabande, Spring Dance) £15.00

Three Dances – Toreadors, Sarabande, Spring Dance
Toreadors for any Brass & Piano

TOREADORS by Stephen Roberts for solo Brass and Piano. This will suit any brass – Eb Trumpet/Cornet, Bb Trumpet/Cornet/Flugel, Horn in F or Eb, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba (bass & treble clefs). The individual parts are tailored to suit each instrument. £19.50 set includes all 10 parts. Single part set £12.50 – please stipulate which part is required when ordering.

TROMBANGO by Stephen Roberts for solo Trombone and Piano. Written for Brett Baker and recorded with Black Dyke Band on CONTRASTS. A virtuoso take on the Argentine tango nuevo. £15.00. (Also available with brass band or concert band.)


TUBA COPPER for solo Tuba and Piano. Parts for Eb & BBb Tuba (treble and bass clefs). £10.00.

Tuba Copper