CONCERT BAND                                 

Title - Composer/Arranger  - Grade - Catalogue No.-  Price in sterling. All supplied with full score & parts

Grades: A - Easy, B - Medium, C - Difficult.   

AMENO     Pub. Difem

AMERICAN CARNIVAL     Stephen Roberts B 1802 Full score & parts £65.00 (8 mins)

ATTILA  Fucik/S. Roberts  (Pub. Difem)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA    S. Philips /S. Roberts (Pub. Difem)

BHANGRA DANCE    Stephen Roberts B £55.00

CARRICKFERGUS    Irish Trad./S. Roberts B 1803 Full score & parts £55.00 Favourite Euph/Baritone solo now for wind band

CHARLIE    Pub. Difem

CHORALE & FANFARES    Stephen Roberts B £40.00

DISNEY FOREVER YOUNG  Various /S. Roberts (Pub. Difem)

ENAE VOLARE     Pub. Difem

GOOD TIMES PAST    Stephen Roberts B £45.00

GAUDETE!    14thC Trad/S. Roberts B 1807 Full score & parts £55.00

EUPHONIUM CONCERTO     Stephen Roberts see Composers Edition

Premiered by David Childs and recorded by Steven Mead on Diamonds CD

ISLAND SUN    Stephen Roberts B  Pub. Trade Winds

KALASHNIKOV    Bregowic/ S. Roberts    Pub. Difem

LAND OF THE CELTS     Stephen Roberts    Pub. Difem

MALVERN CHASE SUITE by Stephen Roberts click here for details

MARCH FOR A SOLEMN OCCASION    H. Purcell/S. Roberts B 1806 Full score & parts £50.00

MEXICAN FESTIVAL  Stephen Roberts B  Pub. Trade Winds



PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANY     Henry VIII / S. Roberts AB 1801 Full score and parts £55.00 The best seller for brass band - now available for wind band

PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANY easier version    Henry VIII / S. Roberts A 1801 Full score and parts £55.00

REQUIEM (complete)    G. Verdi/S. Roberts HIRE ONLY. Please contact for details

SOFERSKA     Bregowic/ S. Roberts Pub. Difem

TROMBANGO for Trombone & Concert Band (as recorded by Brett Baker & Black Dyke Band) £65.00

THE MISSION  Morricone / S. Roberts Pub. Difem

TINTIN THEME     Pub. Difem

TOP OF THE MORNIN’ Stephen Roberts Pub. Difem

TOREADORS    Stephen Roberts B £55.00

THREE PIECES from MALVERN CHASE SUITE (Toreadors, Chorale & Fanfares, Good Times Past) Stephen Roberts £85.00

WORLD DANCES    Stephen Roberts B Now published by Trade WInds Click here for more details or here for a sample page


Grades A - Easy, B - Medium, C - Difficult