BRASS BAND A-K                               

TITLE - Composer/Arranger  - Grade - Catalogue No. -  Price in sterling. All supplied with full score & parts

Grades: A - Easy, B - Medium, C - Difficult                                                                  

AMENO     Pub. Difem

AMERICAN CARNIVAL Stephen Roberts B 1607 £40.00 (dur. 8 mins) As featured on The REAL BRASSED OFF TV series and CD Click link for sample clip

ARABIAN NIGHTS (British Open test piece 2013) A3 score/full set of part £135.00. A3 Score £37.50

ATTILA  Fucik/S. Roberts  (Pub. Difem)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA   (Pub. Difem) S. Philips /S. Roberts

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (euph solo)     S. Foster / S. Roberts B 6505 £35.00

BHANGRA DANCE    Stephen Roberts B £40.00

BHANGRA DANCE (Youth band version)   Stephen Roberts B £40.00

CARRICKFERGUS (baritone solo, or euph/tbn)     Trad. / S. Roberts AB 1602 £40.00 Best seller as recorded by Steven Mead. Click link for sample clip

CATS CALLING!     Stephen Roberts A  Seven easy pieces for brass band

CHARLIE    Pub. Difem

COCKAIGNE OVERTURE     E.Elgar /S. Roberts £145.00. Score £25.00 NEW

DISNEY FOREVER YOUNG (Pub. Difem) Various /S. Roberts

DOWN BY THE SALLY GARDENS (Euph. solo)     Trad. / S. Roberts B £40.00 Click link for sample clip and click here for the euphonium solo part

ENAE VOLARE     Pub. Difem

THE FAIRY GARDEN    M. Ravel / S. Roberts AB 1603 £40.00

GAUDETE!     Trad. / S. Roberts AB 1604 £40.00

KALASHNIKOV    Bregowic/ S. Roberts    Pub. Difem

ISLAND SUN    Stephen Roberts B £40.00

ISLAND SUN   (Youth band version) Stephen Roberts B £40.00

JUPITER from The Planets     G. Holst/ S. Roberts C 6510 £60.00 as recorded by Black Dyke Band. Click link for sample clip

KEEL ROW FANTASY     Trad./ S. Roberts B 6509 £45.00

Grades A - Easy, B - Medium, C - Difficult

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